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Creating VLANs 4500G


Creating VLANs 4500G

I should preface this post by saying that I am not very well versed in networking but I can get myself around. 

I am the System Administrator for a small company with a couple of 4500G switches that I need help with.  I am adding a SonicPoint N access point to our network.  It is connected to the X2 interface on my SonicWall NSA2400 gateway appliance.  All of the configurations and such are done here.

 Part of setting up this AP required me to create to virtual access points - one for Corporate use, the other for Guest users.  Both VAPs were set up with their own VLAN and subnet.  

 Now in order for the folks connected to the Corporate VAP to access LAN data I'm relatively sure I have to create a VLAN in my 4500G and this is where I get stuck.


My LAN subnet is

My Corporate VAP subnet is

 Again, I need the folks who connect to the corporte WLAN, receiving an IP address in the subnet to be able to access the data on the LAN subnet. 


My SonicWall gateway appliance is connected via the X1 interface to one of my 4500G switches.  I created an access rule in the gateway device so that my corporate VAP was allowed access to my LAN interface.  Presumably this means that all requests sent from a computer on the corporate VAP will be forwarded to the LAN (X1).


The X1 interface is part of the default VLAN (#1) in my 4500G switch.


The corporate VAP was set up in a VLAN (#3) in the SonicWall gateway appliance (NSA2400).


I think I need to create a VLAN #3 in the 4500G switch that's connected to my NSA2400 but I'm not sure how to do this or even if this is right.  Also, if I don need to create another VLAN in the switch should it include all LAN connected components or just the servers and printers or .  .  . ?


Thanks for your patience and help,