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Duplicate Client IP although VLAN in use


Duplicate Client IP although VLAN in use



we are using a HP ProCurve 2824 with one default VLAN (VLAN1, private IPs) and one VLAN (VLAN2) with 3 ports (Public Internet, Public Interface Firewall, Monitoring port for sniffing).


On VLAN2 there is a provider powered Cisco Switch, which is doing the connectivity to the Internet provider.


Now we have the problem, that some private IPs on VLAN 1 "seem" to be used, but they are not. If we disconnect the Cisco switch on VLAN2, then everything works fine. The Cisco switch itself only has a public IP (and we no access to the system itself).


Has someone any idea, what that can be and how to reconfigure the ProCurve?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Duplicate Client IP although VLAN in use

It's tough to gather the specifics from your email... but I would avoid using vlan 1.  That is the default vlan for most switch vendors and most of the time is allowed on all trunks by default.  I would use maybe vlan 2 & 3 and see if that helps your situation.