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equivalent commands

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equivalent commands


I'm doing inventory of a client and saving the settings of switches and it must run the commands:


sh ver
sh run
sh ip int bri
sh int trunk
sh cdp neig
sh vlan
sh ip protocols
sh ip route


I wonder what the equivalent 3com commands to these.

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Re: equivalent commands

Hi geovane95,


I'm assuming you're using some Cisco IOS version.

The equivalent to the Cisco IOS command "Show" is the HP comware command "Display".



1: show version ~ display version


2: show running-config ~ display current-configuration


3: show ip interface brief ~ display ip interface brief


4: show interfaces trunk:

There is no direct "translation" a comware command here. But "display interface brief" and "display port trunk" might both create the output you're looking for.


5: show cdp neighbors

Well the HP series run lldp and not cdp. Depending on what output you expect, you might want to run a "display lldp neighbor-information list"


6: show vlan

I havent found a command that does exactly what Cisco IOS "show vlan" does, however you can do : "display current-configuration configuration  - and the output you look for will be part of that, or you can do :


vlan 1

display this


which is 2 commands.


7: show ip protocols :


there is no one command for this, but try.


 display ip routing-table protocol [bgp,direct,isis,ispf, rip, static] verbose


8: show ip route ~ display ip routing-table (verbose)


where verbose is optional.










Søren Dideriksen, Network Administrator
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Re: equivalent commands

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Re: equivalent commands

Use these command mappings to make life easier for cisco-people administrating comware-devices :-)


 command-alias enable
 command-alias mapping quit exit
 command-alias mapping undo no
 command-alias mapping display show
 command-alias mapping reboot reload
 command-alias mapping header banner
 command-alias mapping reset clear
 command-alias mapping acl access-list
 command-alias mapping port switchport
 command-alias mapping stp spanning-tree
 command-alias mapping snmp-agent snmp-server
 command-alias mapping user-interface line
 command-alias mapping return end
 command-alias mapping sysname hostname
 command-alias mapping save write
 command-alias mapping delete erase
 command-alias mapping info-center logging


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Re: equivalent commands

I always put that on first thing before I do anything else, although the ones I mainly do are






I mean, "display"??? WHat a load of rubbish!

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Re: equivalent commands

you may try about this


show vlan   -    display vlan brief