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[ETA] HP A5500-HI POE+ version

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[ETA] HP A5500-HI POE+ version

Great, HP released a new product poster:


What can be found there:


HP 5500 HI Switch Series
−− Gigabit fully managed L3 stackable switch series
−− PoE+ and non-PoE models with IEEE 802.3az
−− 10 GbE SFP+, XFP, optional modular stacking
−− MPLS/VPLS, Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)
−− IRF switching fabric for resiliency
−− Industry-leading lifetime warranty

A POE+ versions of the 5500-HI switches? Let´s confirm this on H3C´s homepage.


H3C S5500-34C-PWR-HI
H3C S5500-58C-PWR-HI

Do the POE+ versions also have dual PSU?  If so, great! When will those be available?




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Re: [ETA] HP A5500-HI POE+ version



You can use google translate - then let the 5500HI translate:


There you can select optional information page, which includes for these models:

S5500-34C-HI Ethernet switch
S5500-34C-PWR-HI Ethernet switch
S5500-58C-HI Ethernet switch
S5500-58C-PWR-HI Ethernet switch


The description:

Support dual-pluggable power; AC power input voltage of 90V ~ 264V; using a DC power supply, input voltage is-48V ~-60V


So my guess would be yes to your question on the dual PSU. No idea however when/if it will come,


Best regards,Peter

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Re: [ETA] HP A5500-HI POE+ version

Great, so here it is the first Comware based 1U, 48 port Gbe, POE switch with dual PSU from HP...

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Re: [ETA] HP A5500-HI POE+ version

And an additional great info:

5500 HI PoE+ will provide 1000W PoE+-Power (5120/5500 EI provide max 720W)


I dont know the exact date. But it should be available in the next months.





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