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H3C - Port security

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H3C - Port security

Good morning gentlemans,


I'm currently setting up an H3C S5120 switch running the latest available firmware (2210).

I'm running a port-security configuration using static mac addresses. My setup involved ports with computer and port with computer behind a phone.


Here's my issues:

- When setting up port-security with static mac addresse on a port with a phone, the phone's correctly go to the voice vlan but keeps sending intrusion traps on the data vlan. Is there any way to avoid this behavior?


- From what I tested, it seems that a mac addresses allowed on a given port/vlan association (ie: interface gig 1/0/1 vlan 10) won't trigger any intrusion traps if plugged into another switchport configured in the same vlan (ie: interface gig 1/0/2 vlan 10). That's not the usual behavior in port-security.


Thanks for helping me figure this out.