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High memory usage 10500

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High memory usage 10500

The Fundamental conf guide informs that a IO line card with 134MB free is normal. This correspond a 87% of usage. But the troubleshoot manual says that the memory usage on a card over 60% for more than 60 minutes is a problem. Does any one knows what information is correct ? My client has two 10508 in IRF configuration, with only 4 io cards. Two with 48 ports Rj45 EA , one with 48 ports SFP+ SF and one with 4 ports 40G SF. We upgraded it with the last firmware 7183. After boot the card had with 65% of usage. Today, two days after the the boot, the cards usage 80% of the memory. We only have Vlan , LACP, direct routes inter vlan and OSPF is this cards.    


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Re: High memory usage 10500


If you are at all concerned that the switch is doing something different post software update, raise a support case and let one of the HPE Tech's check it out. You are paying for that support contract so make use of it :-)

It is normal for the memory utilisation to rise as the level of traffic ramps up on the switch, does it go down again at a quiet period or is it only ever increasing?

My rule of thumb has always been to keep performance levels at 90% or less.

Let us know how things progress.



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