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How to get collisions reported to Info-Center

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How to get collisions reported to Info-Center


In a 5500EI 28 port switch, when displaying the statistics for several ports, lots of output errors appear in form of deferred and collisions. The auto-negotiated mode of the ports is 100 Full, so there shouldn't be collisions.

We checked the cables and they are Ok, so I think it is a problem of the hardware connected to these ports (specific equipment, not computers) and, in order to determine the exact cause of the problem, I would like to know when exactly the collisions occur. I set a syslog server and enabled the info-center to send the reports to it, setting the log, trap and debug levels to informational.

The system works, and I receive reports, but I don't receive information about collisions, even when they are still being produced. I tried setting the debug level to debugging and enabling ethernet debugging, but I I had to cancel the changes because this configuration sends too much information and is very resource consuming. I would like to know if there is a way to receive reports of the collisions, and how to do it.

Thanks and regards