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HP 10508 - Driver failed to read file.

Occasional Contributor

HP 10508 - Driver failed to read file.

Our core is a HP 10508...


Slot 11 randomly died last Tuesday morning and after raising a call we had a new blade part sent out. This has exactly the same issue. We have been advised to reboot the chassis since making the changes but cannot do this easily as its the core of our Network and would require us to take down the entire of our VM infrastructure.


In the logs we are seeing alot of message stating: Driver failed to read file.

Doesnt this sound like a software issue rather than hardware? In which case swapping out the blade unit would not make any difference..

In addition to this, we also were asked to replace slot 10 with slot 11 and see if this resolves the issue --- It did not work however now slot 10 does not work either (again, sounds like a software issue).

Is there anything that you can suggest?

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Re: HP 10508 - Driver failed to read file.

What version Comware is running on the switch?