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HP 5900 Best Practices

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HP 5900 Best Practices

Does HP have a best practices for HP 5900 or in General Commware Based Switches.


I can't find any configuration guide for configuring ACL and apply to the VLAN Interfaces.  HP has some guidelines to confiugre ACL and apply to phyiscal internfaces, but not to vlan interfaces.


I also need to need to know the best way to configure NTP.  If NTP is setup correctly then I guess I won't need to worry about setting the clock timezone etc.




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Re: HP 5900 Best Practices

Hi aali,


You're right about the documentation on VLAN ACLs - it does seem to be lacking (at least for 5900 models).  Here's an example from my 5500s:


acl number 3001

 description VLAN ACL

 hardware-count enable

 rule 1000 permit ip source 0 destination counting

 rule 2000 permit ip source 0 destination counting

 rule 50000 deny ip counting

interface Vlan-interface100
 description My VLAN
 packet-filter 3001 inbound
 packet-filter 3001 outbound

The 5900 should be pretty similar - try it out on an unused VLAN and see if it works.


For information on configuring NTP, see the Network Management and Monitoring Configuration Guide


You can get a list of all available manuals at


NTP does not automatically configure your time zone; this must be set manually.  You should have between 3 and 6 bare metal servers/switches/routers as time sources for each device you wish to use NTP on.  You can use hosts at for seeding NTP servers on your own site(s).


Hope that points you in the right direction.

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Re: HP 5900 Best Practices



Thx for wonderful explanation.