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HP A5500 as a router

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HP A5500 as a router


I have two HP 5500 EI switches in a stack. I also have defined some VLANs (10, 20, 30) and setuped for every VLAN an IP - Vlan Gateway (every has an own subnetwork /24) so that the vlan members can use it as a gateway. The default gateway GW1 is set via route ip-static and belongs to one VLAN 10.


The issue is that if a PC is a port based member of the VLAN 20 with the proper IP he cannot access the gateway defined in the static route in VLAN 10. It is possible to ping the VLAN 10 gateway IP but not the router GW1 which is connected to the internet.


Has somebody an idea what is wrong?


Thanks in advance


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Re: HP A5500 as a router

I'm guessing the device you've specified as the GW1 have no route back to the subnet used in VLAN 20 and VLAN 30.

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