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HP E5500G Switch Series

Occasional Collector

HP E5500G Switch Series


Apologies if this has already been discussed. I am not familar much with the 3COM/HP suite of switches and have a new requirement and hence the post....


The site in question has a mixture of 3COM and Cisco switches and all devices are configured in the same VLAN - not a good design practice I know, but the site as grown with little considersation.


I have a requirement to be able to collect data which is seen across all ports of the 3COM which is then uplinked to a Cisco switch via the fibre connection to where the collector resides. Had all the switches been Cisco, I would have implemented RSPAN but on the 3COM the setting is PORT MIRRORING.


Would someone be able to provide how I would go about setting the 3COM to send such traffic via the uplink port (Gi1/0/52)?


If a sechmatic helps please let know and I will knock one up.





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