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HP FF 5700 IRF with 2 Ports

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HP FF 5700 IRF with 2 Ports

Hello everybody,

i'm trying to configure IRF with two HP FF 5700.  

IRF is running, but i have a question and maybe somebody can help me.


When i try to configure the IRF i always have to configure 4 of the TenGibabit Ports on the Switch. Even if i only want to use 2 Ports.


When i shutdown e.g. Port 1/0/1 and 1/0/2  and try to add them to the IRF port i get this message:

Interfaces Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/1 to Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/4 belong to a port group,Please shutdown all of them before changing the working mode


So i have to shutdown all 4 ports and add them to IRF Port,then undo the shutdown. I've also tried to shutdown all 4 Ports, then add only 2 Ports to IRF and tried to get them back online, but that doesnt work either. 

I have to configure 4 Ports for IRF. So, if i only want to use 2 of the TenGigabit-Ports, the other 2 TenGigabit-Ports that i have to add to IRF are useless!


I this a normal behavior or do i miss something?


Thanks in Advance!



Re: HP FF 5700 IRF with 2 Ports

Yes - this is normal behaviour for the TenGig ports on the 5700/5900 series.