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HP networking: End of Sale, Life, Software Support?

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HP networking: End of Sale, Life, Software Support?

Some vendors offer a kind of extended end of life/sale/... overview for their products,

e.g. Juniper: (

- EOL Announce Date     
- Last Order Date     
- Last Date to Convert Warranty     
- Same Day Support Discontinued     
- Next Day Support Discontinued     
- End of Support

Of course, HP also have an EOS page:

But it´s kind of limited. Let´s talk about "end of support", what I actually want to know is:

- end of real software support (== software upgrades, not software updates)

What can I expect after EOS? How long will a networking switch of A-series will receive upgrades? Is there a kind of roadmap or empirical value or typical time frame? e.g. how long was the life cycle of Comware 3? What about current Comware 5? What to expect from Comware 7?

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Re: HP networking: End of Sale, Life, Software Support?

Typically HP provides ongoing support for products for 5 years after End of Sales - which tends to be updates and fixes; not significant upgrades. If you think about it - there's no value in providing free enhancements on products that we're no longer selling.

More info can be found in the warranty statement.
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