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HPE 5920 Fan Tray direction

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HPE 5920 Fan Tray direction

So, my customer has just gotten 4 5920 switches installed in his environment.

Two for data and two for SAN. All is working great, except he just noticed that the Fans in the switches are blowing Front to back (JG298A model). He wants the airflow reversed and has suggested rotating the switches, which would work, but would be a major pain in the butt to do, with rerouting all the cables, etc.

The option I suggested is to get the JG297A fan kits, which have the airflow set back to front. That would do it for him with no changes to the environment and no downtime as we would do one switch at a time. I have been asked if we can simply change the fan direction in the trays we have currently as replacing them would cost over $1,500. I don't have a fan kit to look at, so I can't tell if it is possible.

So my question is very simple. Can I take a fan tray out of a 5920 switch, turn the individual fans around and put it back in?

TIA for any assist..








Re: HPE 5920 Fan Tray direction


The fan trays are not reversible.  Some of them are pairs of fans back to back so it would be hard to just flip them around.

It sounds like the wrong ones were ordered.  If they are new, perhaps you could talk to the vendor that sold them to you and see if they could be exchanged.



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