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HPE 5940 and VPLS

Occasional Contributor

HPE 5940 and VPLS

I can configure Martini or Kompella VPLS on HPE 5940, I can see that its working on lab. but...

I cant find anything relatated to VPLS support in datasheets, manuals or any other sources for HPE 5940 Switch. Also here is no "5940 MPLS Configuration Guide". I used manuals for 5930.

The quietion is "Does HPE 5940 Supports Martini/Kompella VPLS services officially?"

Can this works by CPU in software?

Occasional Contributor

Re: HPE 5940 and VPLS

Ive got information from our HPe managers that VPLS functionality will be fully supported and documentated in 26xx branch of Comware 7.10 for 5940 switches. 

Currently hardware and 25xx verion have most of VPLS features worked, but it is not production-ready.

You need to wait for 26xx release if you want HPe support for this, or you can use it for your own risk