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IRF MAD SplitBrain Detection to VSF Stack

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IRF MAD SplitBrain Detection to VSF Stack

Hi everyone,

so far i have always used LACP as the MAD split brain setection mechanism, with the peer detection device being comware. Now i want to connect two IRF members to an Aruba VSF Stack. Can i use LACP in this scenario? If not, what methods are supported?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: IRF MAD SplitBrain Detection to VSF Stack

Supported methods are defined by IRF feature (so it's the IRF fabric that estabilish restrictions and requirements with regard to a MAD device).

With regards to VSF (ArubaOS-Switch)'re referring to using a VSF (made of a pair of Aruba 5400R zl2 or made of Aruba 2930F members), if so the MAD requirements should be:

  • A MAD assist device must have support for LACP (IEEE 802.1AX) LAG interfaces.
  • It should be SNMPv2 enabled and community information must be configured on the VSF device as part of MAD configuration.
  • It should have support for LLDP (IEEE 802.1ab rev) and the basic management TLV set as defined there in.
  • It should support SNMP GET access to the LLDP remote MIB (IEEE 802.1AB D13) and the ifTable MIB (RFC 2683), Aruba switches have LLDP enabled by default.
  • Support for ARP is required.

LACP-MAD is implemented by sending extended LACP Data Units (LACPDUs) with a Type Length Value (TLV) that conveys the active ID of a IRF Fabric (or VSF virtual device).

So it's a matter to understand if a VSF made of Aruba 5400R zl2 or Aruba 2930F supports the above requirments. I think it does.

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