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iSCSI weirdness ??

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iSCSI weirdness ??

I have a question about iSCSI and i am guessing storm control? Not sure. I have an iSCSI server that when i put it on my home network, which is just a crappy netgear switch and a few other home devices, loads through PXE in 1:41 .

When i take it where it is to be set up, which is on a network with a beastly HPE 5900af, it is taking 5 to 6 minutes. I used to think it was my LAN configuration but after switching between 3 borrowe higher end switches. I am quite sure its something that is an actual feature that see's the iSCSI as a port storm. I cant think of anything else. I have put the switch back to factory default.

I dont know what else to look for. I have been playing with this for over a month.



Re: iSCSI weirdness ??


May be a wireshark traces will help to identify as reason for the delay.

Thank You!
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