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Link Aggregation on HP running IRF

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Link Aggregation on HP running IRF


I need some information which I cannot find on some website.

If I am running IRF on HPE FlexFabric and I want to create Link Aggregation from new switch which is not part of the network then I will connect one cable to Primary HP and one cable to secondry and as they are running IRF then I can see ports 48 on primary one as the secondry one is synced with it. 

So I will create link aggregation on both HP (What I mean is first half of HP is 24 ports so I create settings for link aggregation on port 20 and will take the port 20 which is 2/20 and so the same config)

Hope I  define it fine :)





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Re: Link Aggregation on HP running IRF

First: don't connect cabling before port trunking (link aggregations, on both peers: the IRF and the 3rd Switch involved) are configured...that's to avoid loops.

Then: configure LAG both on IRF and on your 3rd involved Switch; on IRF the LAG configuration is the same you apply on your 3rd Switch (considering you're dealing with all Comware operating system based units...LAG on ProCurve/ArubaOS-Switch operating system based units has configuration CLI commands slightly different)...just the port numbering is different since you are dealing with 2 Switches in a IRF domain.

Once done connect one cable at time (IRF Member 1 Interface 1 to 3rd Switch Interface 1, IRF Member 2 Interface 1 to 3rd Switch Interface 2)...using the interfaces numbers you really have planned to use.

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Re: Link Aggregation on HP running IRF