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Link start slow


Link start slow


I have an annoying problem with some devices connected to my 3Com Baseline Switch 2924-SFP Plus. The problem is that the link is not directly up, but take some time to start. For some devices this results in not obtaining a DHCP lease or when configured statically not being able to mount network drives or getting network time. When I insert some cheap switch between the 3Com and the device the problem is solved as this cheap switch simply keeps the link up to the 3Com switch. I have the switch default configured. Software version 01.00.07, boot version, hardware version 01.01.0a.

What can this be?


When checking the 'Device Summary Information' page of the switch I also noticed that it says I have the Plus switch. Although I can't find the PoE capabilities anywhere in the menus.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Link start slow

Sounds like spanning tree.

Have you set the ports in question to stp edged ports?

I'm not sure how you do this on these switches...i'm used to 5500/4800, where the command is "stp edged-port enable"

With regards to your PoE question, again, are the ports set to poe enable? Are you sure it's a PWR model? You can see on the front...if it doesn't include PWR in the model number then it's not a PoE switch

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