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link two 4200G switches

Occasional Contributor

link two 4200G switches

We have a 4250T switch and a 4200G switch. They are linked by using 2 of the gigabit ports on the 4200G to the up link and down link ports on the 4250T. we think we have a problem on the 4250t switch as network connections are lost to workstations connected to this switch on a regular basis. We are thinking about replacing this with another 4200G switch. What is the best way to link two 4200G switches?

Super Advisor

Re: link two 4200G switches

The 4200G switches can be connected as the same way you already use, or using CX4 10G 2-Port Local Connection modules. The second option increases the bandwidth and is not too expensive regarding the 10G connection. Then you can create a clustered stack, with a master and a slave switch.


Fred Mancen