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Logging multicast/broadcast suppression

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Logging multicast/broadcast suppression


I want to enable mulcticast/broadcast supression feature on FlexFabric 5945 (JQ076A) and 5130-48G (JG937A) switches, but first, I want to check is there any option to enable log of the events related to traffic suppression or any command to check the ports beahavior. I have looked for some commands but I have not find any.

I appreciate if someone know how to check this.



Re: Logging multicast/broadcast suppression

Hello @Andres_bta !

There are two different mechanisms to control excessive broadcasts, multicasts and unknown unicasts in Comware 7:

- Storm suppression.  Uses the chip to suppress traffic. Storm suppression has less impact on the device performance than storm control, which uses software to suppress traffic. Commands to configure have '-suppression' suffix
- Storm control.  Uses software to suppress traffic. Have impact over the CPU. Commands to configure are 'storm-constrain *'

Last time I've checked both features only storm control had logging either to the log ('storm-contstrain enable log') or to SNMP server as traps ('storm-constrain enable trap'). However, things are changing between s/w releases, as well as each h/w platform may have its own specifics, so I would test both features in a testing environment to see which works better for the type of traffic in your network.

Hope this helps!


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