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loopback-detection shutdown enable

New Member

loopback-detection shutdown enable

Hi guys,

I have "Switch 4200G 24-Port Software Version 3Com OS V3.02.02s56". I simulated loopback ( port 7 is connected to looped unmanaged switch) . Log from switch:

#Apr 2 00:24:01:233 2000 3com-mr-bl402 DRV/5/LOOPBACKED:- 1 - Trap Loopback exists on the interface 4227193 GigabitEthernet1/0/7 in VLAN 1.

%Apr 2 00:24:01:495 2000 3com-mr-bl402 DRV/5/LOOPBACK:- 1 -

Loopback does exist on port 7 vlan 1, please check it".

But the port is up and running - only warning. I want port to shutdown, but the command "loopback-detection shutdown enable" is missing.

And also another problem:

if STP is enabled, switch dosn't detect loopback on port 7,

if STP is disabled switch detects loopback.