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Openflow: ethernet frame based (packet based) load balancing?

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Openflow: ethernet frame based (packet based) load balancing?



I just started with openflow. So I can change every flow like I want to? Really?


If you read loadsharing with LACP - when 4x 1Gbit/s ≄ 4Gbit/s you know what I like to achieve. But let´s thow in some pictures, to make it clear.


1. Let´s look at some old fashioned Cisco High Availability Campus Network Design with OSPF:

  • Some cores locations: A,B,C,D,E,F with some single sites a,b,c,d,e,f connected to them
  • between the cores, there are several fiber links LACPed together
  • everything is running OSPF



2. Let´s zoom into core location E:



3. And now change location E

  •  remove that LACP
  •  throw in openflow based switching and load balance each ethernet frame round robin like between all those interfaces




So, is this even possible?


  • Talking about HP + Openflow support, it´s great that A12900 and A11900 will get Openflow 1.3 support, but as you can imagine that on this setup, "smaller" == "cheaper" switches are preferred. Talking about the needed controller, of course a load balancing template is also needed.


  • Talking about replacing those LACPed (WAN) fibers: The price for replacing them with 
  • 10Gbe+ capable cabling would be simple to high.