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Power down/up part of an IRF group

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Power down/up part of an IRF group



We're doing a full data center power down this weekend (joy of joys :-( ). We have 3 7506's (comware v 5.2x) in an IRF. Two of these will be powered down while the 3rd will stay up in another building.


Anybody have the proper procedure for doing this? There is no "shutdown -h now" in the CLI. Just pull the power or gracefully shutdown somehow?


Anyway to check status of irf health when we power back on?


dis irf int

dis irf top


What to look for?


Thanks for any help, we have a ton of stuff to do so guessing is not a good idea.



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Re: Power down/up part of an IRF group

Network equipment rarely has any graceful shutdown method. You just pull the plug on it.