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Primary and secondary radius server at 3Com 5500EI

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Primary and secondary radius server at 3Com 5500EI



Can someone tell me how does switching between primary and secondary radius server work? In my 5500EI I have two different radius servers (different IP):

primary authentication x.x.x.x
primary accounting y.y.y.y
secondary authentication y.y.y.y
secondary accounting x.x.x.x


This is set on 3x 3Com 5500EI stack. Command "display radius scheme" looks like this:


Primary Auth IP =x.x.x.x
State(unit)=A(1)A(2)A(3) (A:Acitve/B:Block)
Second Auth IP =y.y.y.y
Primary Acct IP =y.y.y.y
Second Acct IP =x.x.x.x

After I turn off radius on y.y.y.y (primary for Acct) there are messages that are still sending to y.y.y.y. And the status is set to B:Block for only one unit in the stack (State(unit)=A(1)B(2)A(3)) for less then 30s. After that it returns to Active state and nothing more happens.


I've tried to manually set state to Block (state primary accounting block) and it worked but after ~30s the state returned to Active. It happend in both situations with or without running radius server.


I understand that primary and secondary radius servers should work as active passive and automatically switch between those states/servers. But right now it doesn't. So is there a bug somewhere in switch os or have I omitted something?


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