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Problem with mac-auth and if mac aging time

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Problem with mac-auth and if mac aging time


We have few 5500 with radius mac-authentication running. Everything works great when there is a traffic generated by connected host. But when host A stops sending packets (but is still running and connected to the network) and the mac aging time decrease to 0 (mac-address is dropped from the interface) i have no communication to host A.


There is no entry about host A in the arp table on host B. When I try to ping A from B, host B try to map IP with mac-address so it sends broadcast arp request which is going through the switch to host A. Host A answers but switch doesn't set the mac on the interface - why? Aloso when I start to ping from B to A then also switch doesn't set mac on the if - why? So it seems that every packet going out from host B is dropped...

The radius mac-auth seems to be working properly. VLAN is automaticly set on the if and it stays ok.

I thought that static mac-address on the if should solve the case but when there is a vlan change (host shutdown) static mac is also dropped.

Have anyone any idea what to do?

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Re: Problem with mac-auth and if mac aging time

Problem SOLVED!

I did a firmware upgrade form V3.03.02ep01 to V3.03.02ep05. In between version V3.03.02ep03 there was a bug LSOD08968 which propably caused everything.

So, thats all :).