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Qinq on a 5500HI without customer switch

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Qinq on a 5500HI without customer switch

I'm trying to configure qinq on a 5500HI, the Svlans goto several locations and at the other end we have layer 2 switches.

The l2 switches have several vlans and the ip address of the vlans is on the 5500.

so vlan on the 5500 are:





svlan: 2101


The Cvlans are delivered directly to the l2 switch on the other side. The cvlans aren't bound to an interface on the 5500 since they are only needed at the remote site.

Does anyone know how to configure qinq to make this possible?


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Re: Qinq on a 5500HI without customer switch

I do not understand the goal of the setup yet:

* which vlans from which site should communicate with which target

* where is the L3 (ip routing) role for each of the sites

* is the 5500 just acting like L2 or also for L3 for these sites ?


Please post a drawing/diagram if possible.


In general the principle is the the QinQ backbone device will not provide IP services for the customers.

If you want this, you will need to create a looped port on the 5500 so an svlan 10 (e.g. g1/0/1 with qinq access vlan 10) would be connected locally to e.g .interface g1/0/2, on which you can create a routed port.


Not sure however if you can create subinterfaces on the 5500 routed ports however, so if not, an external device might be required.


Best regards,Peter