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Can anyone help me to understand this lines of configuration ? it's implemented in a L3 core switch "HP10504"


qos map-table dscp-dot1p
import 20 export 5
import 46 export 6
import 48 export 7
traffic classifier class_d2 operator or
if-match dscp cs2
if-match acl 3999
traffic classifier class_d3 operator and
if-match any
traffic classifier class_nc operator and
if-match dscp cs6
traffic classifier class_rtv operator or
if-match dscp af22
if-match acl mac 4998
traffic classifier dot1pin_6 operator and
if-match service-dot1p 6
traffic behavior policed_dot1p_6
car cir 3000000 cbs 16000000 ebs 4096 green pass red remark-dscp-pass default yellow pass
traffic behavior set_d2
remark dscp cs2
remark dot1p 2
traffic behavior set_d3
remark dscp default
remark dot1p 0
traffic behavior set_nc
remark dscp cs6
remark dot1p 7
traffic behavior set_rtv
remark dscp af22
remark dot1p 5
qos policy cos_access
classifier class_nc behavior set_nc
classifier class_rtv behavior set_rtv
classifier class_d2 behavior set_d2
classifier class_d3 behavior set_d3
qos policy cos_backbone
classifier dot1pin_6 behavior policed_dot1p_6


Re: QoS

@OuassimSelki  Per the config looks like traffic engineering using QOS is implemented.

I'm not sure if this is what you needed but I'll try to explain the configuration below.

In the first section there is a QOS map table created that is applying DSCP (layer 3)to 802.1p (layer 2)priorities.

There are the classic QOS config following this where there's 5 traffic classifiers and 5 traffic behaviors defined for their corresponding type of traffic with OR and AND operators. AND would need all of the criteria in the traffic classifier to be matched in order for it to be classified. Similarly an OR would require at least one of the defined to be matched.

These classifires and behaviors are then combined using the QOS policy statements and thereafter applied on the physical interfaces or SVIs .

Please let me know if you have any further questions on this

Accept or Kudo

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Re: QoS

Hello @Brian_Dsouza 

Thanks for your reply.

In the General technical specifications of the project, the purpose is to use the 802.1Q standard using the 802.1p

Classes of services : The network infrastructure must have 5 classes of services :

Ream time video (RTV)   ||   Priority Data (D2)   ||   Standard Data (D3)    ||   Network Controle (NC)


- In the Access interfaces (Terminal/Switch) : The classification is in the DSCP field of the packet

- In the Transit interfaces (Switch/Switch) or (Switch/Core) : The classification is in the 802.1p field of the packet


- In the Access interfaces (Terminal/Switch) : The 802.1p field is affixed to the Ethernet frame according to the value of the DSCP field.

The DSPC field whose values do not respect the defined values will be reset to  " 0 "

- In the Transit interfaces (Switch/Switch) or (Switch/Core) : No marking is done

Marking Values

Class                802.1p                DSCP               PHB           Local Precedence

NC                       7                        48                  CS6                         7

RTV                    5                         20                 AF22                        5

D2                       2                         16                  CS2                          1

D3                       0                          0                   BE                           2


Class                           Service                        Weight (byte)

NC                                 WRR                                 15

RTV                              WRR                                 15

D2                                 WRR                                 10

D3                                 WRR                                 5

Other informations

In our network architecture, we have one core with 2 HPE 10504 (in IRF stack), 6 stacks of HPE 5510 and 6 stack of HPE 5130

The conf that i sent before was done by another colleague, and now i'm alone on the project and i have no experience 

Is the cfg OK ?

Can you give me some advices or documentations to do it ?

Thanks a lot

Best regards