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Quick ip default-gateway question

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Quick ip default-gateway question

I need to change the default gateway on all the pc's in work to point to a different address.  I know this is done through dhcp settings on the dhcp servers.


The switches also have a   ip default-gateway x.x.x.x statement in them.


In our case the switches poiint to our core switch as the default gateway.


What is the difference between the two gateways - the one on the switches and the one that will be in the pc's???


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Quick ip default-gateway question

Depends, but if the switches are in the same, only, vlan as the PCs then nothing. Often switches are managed in their own vlan for management and the default-gateway points to the rest of the network.

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Re: Quick ip default-gateway question

Depends on how your network is configured.   I connect my three A58xx with VLANs to a ASA-5520 firewall.  Each VLAN has its own interface on teh ASA-5520.  


Each VLAN has its own gateway in the routing tables to route VLAN to VLAN.   Policy based routing through ACL lists allow ASA-5520 interfaces in connected to the VLANs to also be gateway.   The ASA-5520 does not allow multiple paths so policy based routing allows VLAN to VLAN routed traffic across the switch.  Any other traffic out the ASA.