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Servicing HPE Switches and Routers Test

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Servicing HPE Switches and Routers Test

An HPE Comware switch is powered down. What happens to the running-config file?
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Re: Servicing HPE Switches and Routers Test

If the running configuration was not saved to Flash memory to become the next updated main [*] startup configuration before powering down (try the command save without operands to see what I mean) all configuration changes done (that were applied to actual running configuration) since the last save are lost because those changes are not saved. Saving to Flash protects you from lose your configuration changes.

It's also possible to save your running configuration file with another name on the Switch Flash (other than having it called startup.cfg as usual) using save file-url AND also saving it as backup startup configuration other than main (with save backup command).

Commands above are valid generally on every 3Com/H3C/HP/HPE Comware 5/7 NOS based Switch series.

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