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Single switch, multiple VLANs

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Single switch, multiple VLANs

I want to carve up a switch into several VLANs, but I'm having some issues and would appreciate some guidance.

I have a 5500G handling all routing and switching in our organization. I have 3 VLANs defined on it and they can all communicate. There are maybe 10 other switches (3870s) connected via fibre to this master switch. Each 3870 only hosts members for 1 VLAN. All ports on the 3870 are members of the default VLAN 1 group.

I want to divide a 3870 so 1/2 the ports are on VLAN 101 and half are on VLAN 104. I attempted to test this by:

0) define VLAN 104 on the 3870

1) remove 2 ports on the 3870 from the default VLAN 1

2) add those 2 ports as untagged members on VLAN 104

3) connect one of those ports to the 5500. The port on the 5500 is assigned VLAN 104

4) connect the other VLAN 104 port on the 3870 to a workstation. Test for connectivity.

I have no connectivity from the workstation. How can I go about a) troubleshooting this and b) resolving it?