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stackable 3®, 3250 switch

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stackable 3®, 3250 switch


I have a 3com 3250 switch stackable 3 and it is configured to use microsoft's IAS radius server. the authentication for the switch acces works fine. my next step is to authenticate computers (to make a start; users) to the network. this can be done by enabling port security (security -> network -> access -> o network login).

the problem:

for example, port 3 is configured to use network login..

now, when i connect a client on this port 3, i get no logs, the client get's no ip adress an last but not least: the switch gets unreachable. with telnet, webinterface of console, no matter how, i get the login screen and gan wait forever.

just on an normal port with no security configured i can normally acces the switch and the client get's an ip (which is'nt good because i want it to be blocked according to the remote acces policy)

I also upgraded the firmware to the newest version 1.20 and it didn't help a thing.

thanks in advance,

Thierry Penning