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Stacking/IRF on 1950's

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Stacking/IRF on 1950's

Is it possible to create a single stack with 2 x JH295's and 2 x JH962's?  When we tried all we could get working was two separate stacks (one with the 2 x JH295 and one with the 2 x JH962).  

Is there a way to make these a single IRF stack with all four switches in a ring?

Thank you!


Re: Stacking/IRF on 1950's

Hello Jim Ott_1!

"The HPE 1950 12XGT 4SFP+ switch can form a stack only with switches of the same type." - , Page 23

The reason is simple - the JH295A uses different chipset and different software,  JH295A's versions are 5xxx and the rest of 1950 series switches use 3xxx. That is the key why IRF cannot be formed - IRF requires same version on all slots and since JH295A uses different version, it cannot join JG962A and others in one stack. 

Hope this helps!


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