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Subnet Directed Broadcast for WoL on 5130

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Subnet Directed Broadcast for WoL on 5130

I have hit a wall and need some help trying to figure out what I am missing to allow the switch to forward the WoL packets.  I have ip forward-brodcast enabled on the vlan.  I have enabled UDP Helper, but is there more I need to do.  Or what is it I am missing.  My background isn't really in HP and comware so not sure what I am missing to make this work.  We know it makes it from our server through the firewall, but dies out after that.  Can someone help or let me kno what it is that I would be missing. 


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Re: Subnet Directed Broadcast for WoL on 5130

Probably, it's worth to try this procedure (a note: at some point in the article the author wrote that he is going to apply the "ip forward-protocol" command inside the VLAN context...but Comware 5 and 7, AFAIK, haven't such I think it is just a - Cisco related - typo...the correct command, first applied globally then applied contextually, is then indeed the "ip forward-broadcast").

A question: who is responsible for IP Routing between VLANs (the Switch itself or a third party device like a Firewall)? Probably that aspect should be diagnosed too.

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