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Switch 3870 drops management IP

Occasional Contributor

Switch 3870 drops management IP


I'm wondering if anyone has encountered Switch 3870s running firmware v3.00p07s56 where the managment interface drops? It seems to happen only at one of our buildings at a time. After going in via the serial console and resetting the statically ip configuration (it drops to the none settings) everything is fine. Rebooting sometimes fixes this issue. This seems to happen for a while and then will move to another building.

Also, it seems that each stack has a schedule on which this will happen... Usually 7 days to the hour.

Each switch has 10 vlans with their management on vlan 1016. Also, each affected stack is a multiple unit stack.

Does anyone have any insight on how to fix/prevent this from occuring, or what is going on that this is occuring (certain type of packet, duplicate IP address, etc)?

Thanks in advance!

Jeremy Alan Long