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throughput!!!! 12916 Comware HP


throughput!!!! 12916 Comware HP


i have a issuse ... i need to check all the throughput from my switch.. is meaning that all the traffic that incomnig and outgoing from the switch, (the higest peek), not from only 1 interface -unless all the switch

i using in 12916 FF HPE 




Re: throughput!!!! 12916 Comware HP

Hi kobi_Levi921,

I understand you would like to see the throughput on your 12900 switch in general.

I have done some research and what I have just found is the below example output:

Interface         Total (pkts)   Broadcast (pkts)   Multicast (pkts)  Err (pkts)

BAGG12             12575329507            9353253           10720432           0

BAGG13             11619002014            9390763           10720423           0

BAGG14              7682147632             327894             276318           0


It is from the below commands:

display counters inbound interface

display counters outbound interface


I hope this helps.

Best regards

I am an HPE Employee

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Re: throughput!!!! 12916 Comware HP


Have you looked at the display packet-drop command?  That might shed some light. 

If you do it, you can see something like this...

<5130-48G-2SFP+-2XGT-Rack-P2-36.61>disp packet-drop ?
interface Packet dropping information for the specified interface
summary The summary packet dropping information for all interfaces

<5130-48G-2SFP+-2XGT-Rack-P2-36.61>disp packet-drop summ
All interfaces:
Packets dropped due to full GBP or insufficient bandwidth: 0
Packets dropped due to Fast Filter Processor (FFP): 4
Packets dropped due to STP non-forwarding state: 3
Packets dropped due to insufficient data buffer. Input dropped: 0 Output dropped:0

Things like FFP drops are normal and we have no control over that.  For example, the switch receives a packet with a destination that doesn't exist on the switch.

GBP or STP drops might warrant further looks as well as insufficient data buffer drops.

If the switch has been up for a long time you should probably clear the counters to get a more reasonable idea of what is happening.  from the user CLI, use the reset counters interface command to do that.



I work for HPE

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