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Trunking on a 2924 SFP Plus Switch.

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Trunking on a 2924 SFP Plus Switch.


I have three 2924 SFP Plus switches and I have setup one Vlan on each switch. All three Vlans are in the same Vlan. I want to connect the ports that are assigned to these Vlan's together and then to my router. Do I need to configure trunking on these ports from switch to switch. I work with cisco switches and I know that trunking is needed on the ports that connect the switches together.

I know 3 com switches are menu driven. I do see where I can create a Vlan, STP, QoS and so on, but I don't see where I can assign Trunking to a port.

Thank You for your answer if someone has one.

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Re: Trunking on a 2924 SFP Plus Switch.

I am having a similar problem. I am switching to 3com, and need to be able to have trunks between the 2928 SFP and a Cisco 2900 series switch using the SFP port. Help please !!