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Two ISP links with HP Switches

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Two ISP links with HP Switches

I have a customer who recently replaced their (2) Cisco 2600 routers configured in an HSRP with (2) ISP links in an ethernet hand off Active/Standby with (2) HP 5120 switches in an IRF, see below


Interface vlan 2201

ip address 28


interface gigabit 1/0/1----------------connected to Primary ISP Link

port link-type access

port access vlan 2201

stp disable  


interface gigabit 2/0/1--------------- Connected to Secondary ISP Link

port link-type access

port-access vlan 2201

stp disable


Two things I had to do in order for above configuration to work.


disconnected secondary ISP link otherwise the switch would report an error "Same IP address detected" and disable stp on ports.


I think the only way to configure the above scenario is to undo IRF between both HP 5120 swtiches and configure VRRP for dynamic failover, but it defeats the purpose of IRF.


Why did I had to disable STP on ports?  I was not able to ping the ISP routers until I dsiable the STP.  

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Re: Two ISP links with HP Switches

Does HP 5120 support VRRP configuration?
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Re: Two ISP links with HP Switches

Hi aali


Sounds like your ISP has a problem with STP. Usually you dont have to disable STP on the Port. In addition, the message "Same IP address detected" points to a loop.





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