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Upgrade Firmware Comware A7510

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Upgrade Firmware Comware A7510

We have 2 switches HP Comware 7510, with 64389 KB memory in only one.

When i upgrade de firmware wtih IMC, he report an error that it´s not possible because  not space available.

The new image is 7500-CMW520-R6708P08


I tried  install in the CLI comand,  erased the old image and put the new in  the flash memory new image and execute the BOOT-LOADER command and reboot after the process they gave a error tell it´s not possible because he need the old image while load the new image.


How to fix this problem and get a upgrade the firmware.


P.S :


Current Software: 7500-cmw520-r6708


Latest Available Software for Upgrade: 7500-CMW520-R6708P08


Thank You!!!


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Re: Upgrade Firmware Comware A7510

when you delete a file from the comware based devices its not totally delete from the flash. when you execute command "delete"  the file goes to the recycle-bin. type command "dir  /all" the deleted file shoes withing the "[] " in oder to get more memory you need to delete it from the recycle-bin too command is "reset recycle-bin"

if you need to restore file from the recycle-bin type "undelete"

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Re: Upgrade Firmware Comware A7510


the 7500 MPU typically only has 64389 KB on the internal flash.

and the images are all around 33000 KB, which means - there is only room for one image.


You need to delete the old image, and then upload the new one.

To - for real - delete a file you need the /unreserved flag on the delete command.

 > delete /unreserved


If you do not use the  /unreserved flag, it only puts the file in the trashcan, but that does not free space on the dirve, which makes the trashcan useless really..


If you did a

> delete

then you can empty the trashcan with a

>reset recycle-bin /force


after you deleted the image you need to upload the new image and set it as main boot image.

upload example

> tftp <tftp-server-ip-address> get <path>/

"set image as main"

> boot-loader file flash:/ slot <MPU-physical-slot> main


note that the comware 5 file system converts the filename to lowercase.


its of course crucial, that you DO NOT reboot, or loose power during this process.

do a

> display boot-loader

to see that you're on track before you reboot.



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