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Upgrade of HP A10508

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Upgrade of HP A10508


l need to uprgade my HP  A10508 switch from the actual version 7.1.035 to the last stable version and i have 2 questions

  1. what is the the last stable version  (is the release 7.10.R7557P03 , the last stable version)
  2. do i need to upgrade to an intermediate version before upgrading to the last version


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Re: Upgrade of HP A10508

Well, the latest software version for HPE Comware Software Version 7.1.070 is R7557P03: your system, running on an uspecified HP Comware Software Version 7.1.035 release, should be an old R2105 (patch level doesn't matter)...probably something around Year 2013.

From Release Notes it's easy to see that Comware 7.1.045 line started with software release R2111...up to actual Comware 7.1.070 line (R71xx and R75xx).

A lot of things were changed/improved/introduced between a R2105 and very latest you should check Release Notes documentation of any initial/final R2105, R2111, R71xx and R75xx in order to understand if your actual running configuration (in terms of Hardware and Software) will be compliant with known restrictions, feature updates and upgrade guidelines...that to understand if the upgrade is going to be problematic or not...each relevant software update along the upgrade path carries important informations on its Release Notes...those ones are worth reading IMO.

It isn't expressly required to to use any interim release to reach the very latest software release (you're on Comware 7.1 in any case)...even if, probably, would be a good idea to move step by step along some major newer software releases belonging to near versions (I mean something like: R2105 -> R2111P01 -> R7170 -> R7523P01 -> R7557P03) just to test any step before reaching the very latest.

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Re: Upgrade of HP A10508


You don't have to do intermediate upgrades.  You can boot into the latest release but there will be downtime while you reboot. 

The only caution I would offer is that if there were any feature changes along the way you will get them instantly and the behavior may change from what you have been used to.  I would look carefully at the release notes and the Software Feature Document from whatever version you are running now to the latest so that you are aware of the changes you will get upon restart.

FYI... as for the version number,. the 7.1.035 doesn't help.  That only tells us it is Comware 7.  The letter and numbers after the 035 are the important ones.



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