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VLAN works but no Internet

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VLAN works but no Internet

Hi there,


Thanks for reading.  I've got a SuperStack 4 Switch 5500G-EI PWR 24-Port.  I configured a new VLAN which traverses the internal network and is recognized by all other internal subnets but can't get out to Internet.  I think I'm missing a route somewhere...


There's an edge router and two firewalls between the switch and the Internet.  Seems the FWs should let inside traffic out and listen / allow replies to source IP.  The edge router has a route statement back to the SuperStack  which matches the other vlans' routing.  But I'm missing something.



Thanks again,




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Re: VLAN works but no Internet

Found the answer: from the new VLAN-subnet, was able to ping INSIDE and OUTSIDE ints on edge router.  Was NOT able to ping INSIDE int on Outside FW.  There was no route for the new subnet in outside FW.  Added route=Internet access!