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VOICE interrupts - Alcatel Voip - Comware Switches Network

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VOICE interrupts - Alcatel Voip - Comware Switches Network

I got one question. I am searching if I got something wrong on network.
3 months back was everything OK.
Has any of you problems with  ALCATEL phones connected to the HPE Comware switch over the local network?

It looks like this.
The call going seamlessly between phones on the local network. And then interruption comes from one side for 2 seconds. The other side works normally. It happends time to time to some users.
It doesn't happen often and has no regularity. Next call is working normally.

External call working perfectly.

We have approximately 500 (All VoIP Telephones are Alcatel 4029, 8029, 8029s) phone. Calls are made through one and only VLAN that is closed for VOIP. It's not a VOICE VLAN but a VLAN normaly.
Problem comes with or without QoS setup (voice vlan).

There are no other devices.


Thank you for help.


Re: VOICE interrupts - Alcatel Voip - Comware Switches Network


Is there any congeston in the network. May be you can try enabling broadcast-suppression pps <value> .

Also refer the below document

if still issue persists, you may share the interface configuration where the phones are connected


Thank You!
I am an HPE Employee

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Re: VOICE interrupts - Alcatel Voip - Comware Switches Network

Hi thank you for answer.


There is my common network edgeport setup.


port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan 1 10
broadcast-suppression pps 500
multicast-suppression pps 500
unicast-suppression pps 500
stp edged-port enable
stp root-protection
qos apply policy INBOUND_POLICY_LYNC inbound
qos trust dscp


VLAN 1 is Data
VLAN 10 is Voip

Interresting is those policy INBOUND_POLICY_LYNC

for those is  this config:

traffic classifier SIP_CLASS operator and
if-match dscp cs3
traffic classifier VOICE_CLASS operator and
if-match dscp ef
traffic classifier VIDEO_CLASS operator and
if-match dscp af41
traffic behavior VOICE_BEHAVIOR_200K
car cir 256 cbs 16384 ebs 4096 green pass red discard yellow pass
traffic behavior VIDEO_BEHAVIOR_1M
car cir 1024 cbs 65536 ebs 4096 green pass red remark-dscp-pass default yellow remark-dscp-pass default
traffic behavior SIP_BEHAVIOR_64K
car cir 64 cbs 4096 ebs 4096 green pass red remark-dscp-pass default yellow remark-dscp-pass default
classifier VOICE_CLASS behavior VOICE_BEHAVIOR_200K
classifier VIDEO_CLASS behavior VIDEO_BEHAVIOR_1M
classifier SIP_CLASS behavior SIP_BEHAVIOR_64K

I have found that for those policy forks reservation for both systems ... Alcatel Voip and Lync client.

for example:

display qos policy interface g 1/0/1

Interface: GigabitEthernet1/0/1

Direction: Inbound

Classifier: VOICE_CLASS
Operator: AND
Rule(s) : If-match dscp ef
Committed Access Rate:
CIR 256 (kbps), CBS 16384 (byte), EBS 4096 (byte)
Green Action: pass
Red Action: discard
Yellow Action: pass
Green : 3061083(Packets)
Red : 0(Packets)


There are those Green packets in dscp EF - 46.