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VRF on FlexFabric 5700

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VRF on FlexFabric 5700


i have (a pair of) HPE Flex Fabric 5700s and looking for a way to implement per VLAN routing tables. In particular different VLANs need different default gateways. This is not possible with a shared routing table.

Unfortunatly the 5700 does not support policy based routing  (PBR), which would have provided a workarround. I tried to fake PBR via QoS, but it didn't work. Neither I found anything about how to configure virtual routing and forwarding (VRF).

Does anyone know a way to implement per VLAN default gatways or even better full blown VRF?

 Tahnks a lot, rango

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Re: VRF on FlexFabric 5700

OK, so you could use the "Load-Sharing" feature, changing the default algorithm to source-ip.

But, what you really want is the vpn-instance feature.
The manual to look for is the "MPLS Configuration Guide".