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Wrong traffic passing untagged Switch Port

New Member

Wrong traffic passing untagged Switch Port


I'm working on a strange problem in the moment. We have a core switch cluster of four irf stacked HPE 5900 switches. Connected to this cluster are some other two-switch clusters (HPE 5130) connected via BAGG groups.

Each port of that "small" clusters" is defined as an access port :

interface GigabitEthernet2/0/44
description FC - Marquardt Jennifer - 5.16
port access vlan 20
poe enable
poe priority high


To investigate some starnge connectivity issues in the network we started a wireshark on the PC connected to this port and there we found not only traffic for the IP of the device connected to that port. We also saw many other traffic from other IP addresses.

There is no port mirriring configured on that switch..

The mac address table also looks ok. There is only one entry for the port:


4439-c436-bc0f 20 Learned GE2/0/44 Y

Is there anyone who can give me a hint whats going wrong on that system.



Nils Schiele

New Member

Re: Wrong traffic passing untagged Switch Port

Is the device on that port behaving as a router?  That would give you 1 MAC and a variety of source/dest IPs ...