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Re: MSM460-WW and H3C WX5004 controller

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MSM460-WW and H3C WX5004 controller

Hi there, 


I have 16 new MSM460-WW wireless access points, and I want to hook them up to the existingH3C WX5004 controller running 5.20 software Release 2308P26

The WAPs get the correct IP address, but after that they restart.

This process keeps repeating, so I am wondering if there is anyone that can assist me with this problem. I think the controller might need and upgrade, but not sure which one and what all needs to be done/updated. Also my question is, this file, should it be on the controller? If so, where do I find it? msm46x_fit.bin



Error that the WAPs give: ( new from the box, didnt touch them yet )




System is starting...
Press Ctrl+D to access BASIC-BOOTWARE MENU
Boot ROM program does not exist.
Now start to download program.
Updating Extend BootWare...
The Extend BootWare is self-decompressing.........................Done!

*                                                                          *
*             HP MSM 460 Series BootWare, Version65535.65535               *
*                                                                          *
Copyright (c) 2010-2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

Compiled Date       : Mar 13 2013
CPU Type            : P1020
CPU L1 Cache        : 32KB
CPU L2 Cache        : 512KB
CPU Clock Speed     : 800MHz
Memory Type         : DDR3 SDRAM
Memory Size         : 256MB
Memory Speed        : 667MHz
Flash Size          : 8MB
PCB Version         : Ver.A

Read net params from flash failed, use the default value
BootWare Validating...
Press Ctrl+B to enter extended boot menu...
Booting App fails!
Read value fail,Use Default
 not Support Type!
Trying to get the IP address from the DHCP server......
DHCP server's IP address is
Client's assigned address is
DNS domain name got from DHCP server is CURDOM.NET
DNS server's IP address is
Default Gateway's IP address is
This client's subnet mask is
The length of option 43 is: 0
 Change State : Idle to Broadcast Discovery
Lwapp status machine init fail, the system will reboot.
 [State : Idle] Reset request, rebooting the AP

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Re: MSM460-WW and H3C WX5004 controller

Extra info:



* do you have existing APs online on this installation ?

Yes I have existing APs, but not this model. I have WA2620-AGN in production, and they are working ok. I have to extend coverage in some areas, and I have MSM460-WW to work with.


* are the APs discovered on same subnet or behind a router (L3) ?

They are on the same subnet, so its L2 discovery. They get the same ip address from DHCP as the controller is on. It works with WA2620-AGN


* if Layer3, did you configure DNS or DHCP for discovery ?

 DHCP does not look configured:

The length of option 43 is: 0


No need for this I guess if its on the  same subnet and L2 discovery is taking place.


* did you enable auto-ap and auto-persistent on the controller ?


Yes I did.



Tbh, when I look at the files on the controller, I can see the main image that boots on the controller, and I can see different kinds of images like:

wa2600a_fit.bin ; wa1208_fit.bin etc.
However, I cant see msm46x_fit.bin which I am thinking is required for this AP to work. I have scanned the internet high and low to find this image but am not able to do so. I found out that on some forums it says it is included with the new controller image, so I downloaded that as well, but I dont see it, unless its packed in the same .bin file.

The new image for the actual controller I have downloaded it:  WX5004-CMW520-R2507P32-EI


So I am wondering if I update the controller to this latest image, will my MSM460 work then? And even more important, will the existing WA2620-AGN work with the new image. I dont want to boot up the new image and break 50 WA2620 APs lol, especially since I am working on this remotely.

Any advice? Thanks.

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Re: MSM460-WW and H3C WX5004 controller

Hi, This should work with the MSM460 and the WX5004, you are on the right SW for the WX. The SW for the AP's (FIT.bin)usually comes from the controller.


It's not really my field of expertise (wireless) but what worries me is the line:


      Updating Extend BootWare...


I suggest contacting HP support, log a ticket and see what they ahve to say about this.

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Re: MSM460-WW and H3C WX5004 controller

Hi D1n0, Did you get the file that was looking for? I'm having the same problem