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Add a single drive to smart array

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Add a single drive to smart array


I have a DL360 G5 (E200i smartarray) with a 2 disks Raid0+1 volume.
I need more space disk, but I don't need another raid volume. So I would like to had a single physical drive without creating a new array. is it possible ? Or must I buy a 2 second disk and create a second array with logical volume. I use rhel 4.4.

Thanks by advance for your answer.
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Re: Add a single drive to smart array

well if you want redundancy and tolerance I would recommend you to buy 2 HDD(Hard Drive) but if you don't need it make a RAID 0 on that single HDD you can do it with just 1 HDD no problem at all


Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!