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Add a third Storage Works 2405 disk enclosure

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Add a third Storage Works 2405 disk enclosure

I have a server RP7410 configured with hard partition to two host to a disk storage system with VA7400 and two DS2405 enclosures. The odd drives are assigned to RG1 and even drives to RG2. I want to add a third 2405 disk enclosure.
I am using CommandView to manage the disk arrays. How do I configure the third 2405 disk enclosure?
I have not had any luck in my search for documentation that addresses this task.

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Re: Add a third Storage Works 2405 disk enclosure

Once connected (ensure to use the correct address and speed settings using hardware switches!) the array will format the drives (if autoformat and autoinclude are enabled) and has just more space after this is finished.

Hope this helps!

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