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allowing oracle to run pairdisplay horcm commands

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allowing oracle to run pairdisplay horcm commands

I'm trying to allow the oracle user account to run the pairdisplay command.

I have installed SUDO and given the permission to run it.

/usr/local/etc/sudoers file :
%dba ALL= /HORCM/usr/bin/pairdisplay, /usr/bin/pairdisplay

BUT -- it seems these are calling other commands, which are not running as ROOT and thus -- are failing;

-bash-3.00$ sudo /HORCM/usr/bin/pairdisplay -g sqpr3
pairdisplay: [EX_ATTHOR] Can't be attached to HORC manager
Refer to the command log(/HORCM/log/horcc_sqprdbk2.log) for details.

-bash-3.00$ logout
bash-3.00# /HORCM/usr/bin/pairdisplay -g sqpr3 2>&1 | head -5
Group PairVol(L/R) (Port#,TID, LU-M) ,Seq#,LDEV#.P/S,Status, Seq#,P-LDEV# M
sqpr3 sqpr3_000(L) (CL3-D ,44, 6-0 )32173 5700.S-VOL SSUS,----- 85 -
sqpr3 sqpr3_000(R) (CL2-A , 8, 4-0 )32173 85.P-VOL PSUS,32173 5700 W
sqpr3 sqpr3_001(L) (CL3-D ,44, 7-0 )32173 5702.S-VOL SSUS,----- 79 -
sqpr3 sqpr3_001(R) (CL2-A , 8, 2-0 )32173 79.P-VOL PSUS,32173 5702 W

Any ideas on how I can properly set this up using SUDO ... so that the DBAs can run this correctly?

The log suggests its trying to run a C program, which fails?
bash-3.00# tail - 50 /HORCM/log/horcc_sqprdbk2.log
CMDLINE : /HORCM/usr/bin/pairdisplay -g sqpr3
*********** SYSTEM ERROR ***********
P.P. : Raid Manager XP for HP-UX
Model : Raid-Manager-XP/HP-UX
Ver&Rev: 01.19.04
Release: Production

Host: sqprdbk2
EUserId: root (0)
Process: 22374

[System Call Error]
SysCall: bind
Errorno: 2 (No such file or directory)
ErrInfo: Internal Error
ErrTime: Wed Nov 19 11:39:35 2008
SrcFile: shorcmc.c
SrcLine: 653

11:39:36-04ccf-22374- 22374:HORCM death detected
11:39:39-2a9ed-22374- ERROR:cm_open[scmclcon() timeout_err]
11:39:39-2c366-22374- ERROR:horcm_lep_create
11:39:39-2d303-22374- [pairdisplay][exit(251)]
[EX_ATTHOR] Can't be attached to HORC manager
[Cause ]:Couldn't connect with the HORC manager.
[Action]:Please check if HORC manager is running or if HORCMINST is set correctly.
New Member

Re: allowing oracle to run pairdisplay horcm commands

near as I can tell, this won't work ... the horcm commands seem to spawn off system calls and such which expect you to be root.

Only alternative I see now -- is letting them have full sudo to root access in order to run the commands.
New Member

Re: allowing oracle to run pairdisplay horcm commands

it WILL work !!!

I created a script under /admin/ck and set the sticky bit (chmod 4540 /admin/ck)

The important thing was to include the shell at beginning of the script and set the HORCM variables.

bash-3.00# cat /admin/ck

#source horcm variables
declare -x HORCC_MRCF="1"
declare -x HORCMINST="0"

# running pairdisplay
pairdisplay -g $1

Now, to run it I logged in as oracle and ran the command "sudo /admin/ck sqpr3" ... and NOW it works!!!

so for the next time;
* set the variables for horcm
* set the shell at start of your script
* use setuid bit to run it as root