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Can't rebuild RAID Array in Smart Array 5300

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Can't rebuild RAID Array in Smart Array 5300


I can't rebuild may array which consist of 6 72 GB drives. After about 30% logical drive status changed from "Currently recovering" to "Ready for recovery" . I have replaced the drive which is detected as suspicious with the new one, but nothing changed. I tried several times.
I attached the ADU report.
Please help.

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Re: Can't rebuild RAID Array in Smart Array 5300

SCSI Port 2, Drive ID 4

has multiples errors which are causing this problem in the rebuild process.

so my first recommendation is:
- update ypour firmware since that version you have is kinda old. try that and take out put HDD back again and and check if HDD rebuild if not next step below

link firmware

- backup data, replace your HDD and rebuild that RAID 5 in which HDD "SCSI Port 2, Drive ID 4" is part of

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: Can't rebuild RAID Array in Smart Array 5300

Hi Marek,
The Drive in SCSI "Port 2, Drive ID 4" indeed is the culprit; Here is an excerpt from the ADU report:

SCSI Port 2, Drive ID 4 (converted from Hex to decimals) from ADU

Hard Read 2196
Retry Read 29
Fl Rd Recv 53 > (Errors during rebuild)

This means that rebuild recovery data cannot be read from the drive. That explains the re-build failure and in this case starting from scratch.

The Firmware HPB1 is standard and stable version. No updates available even with Firmware CD 8.20.

Best bet here is to backup the data ASAP and replace the drive.

Good Luck with the Backup!
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Re: Can't rebuild RAID Array in Smart Array 5300


Thanks a lot for all replies. I managed ( with some troubles) to backup data from may array. Than I deleted the logical drive and created the new one and restore data. Everything seems to be OK now except one thing: status of the logical drive shows "Backgroud parity initialization in progress" for 4 day ( till now). I don't know if it is common to last so long ( six 72 GB drives).