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Commandview SDM SNMP Support

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Commandview SDM SNMP Support

Hello to all,
We have CommandView SDM Software ver. 1.08.00 for managing one directly connected VA7410 storage trough Tychoon FC cards.
Does someone know how to enable SNMP traps to be sent from commandview sdm upon error to certain destination? We have installed sdm on the host running HP-UX 11i with EMS software on it. RemoteMonitor from EMS bundle of monitors is monitoring the VA but we want to be able to receive traps/notifications about events directly from sdm. Is this possible?



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Carpe Diem
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Re: Commandview SDM SNMP Support

No it's not. CommandView SDM only monitors the array, EMS is used as the transport medium.

One trick though, make sure you keep both EMS and your CommandView SDM up to date at the same time.

I recently had trouble with SDM understanding messages and sending them to syslog, but EMS is not up to date enough to send those messages out.